Welcome to Euro Detox

Welcome to Eurodetox ,a Innovative leader in Environmental Engineering.

For past many years our Indian - based company has been successful in providing high-quality solutions for treating water ,waste water, sewage sludge ,etc

Waste water and Eurodetox

Since more than an a years we come together

Our innovative products and tailor-made solutions ,equip not only Industrial waste water but also Muncipal waste water treatment plants.

Take a look - our site reports will convince you!



  • Turbo Oxy Eco Aerator
  • Turbo Oxy Aerator
  • Turbo Oxy plus Aerator
  • Turbo Mixer
  • Aqua star Aerator
  • Turbo submersible Jet Aerator


  • Non - Clogging Sewage Pumps
  • Non - Clogging Industrial Pumps