Turbo Oxy Jet Aerator Injector

Jet Type Aspirator Injector Aerator cum Mixer


  • Superior horizontal injector aerator, total mixing and oxygen dispersion
  • Optimum Oxygen transfer, increasing the dissolved oxygen in water and BOD/COD removal
  • Easy Installation and operations for individuals, low maintenance
  • Patent Propeller, performs dependable, quiet, extended service life
  • High Energy Efficient, low electrical consumption.
  • Fine Bubble Aerator, less than 1.8mm in size
  • High Oxygen transfer and mixing capabilities to 10 meter depth and 30 meters length
  • UV Protected high density polyethylene floats and housing, integrated shells for impact endurable,anti fouling and anti leaking
  • All metal parts are made of # 304 anti fouling stainless steel for maximum corrosion resistance in severe waste water environment

How The Aerator Works

The JET-MIX is mounted aloe adrustaLle angle in tha water with the motor portion and air intake above the surface. and the propeller portion below the surface. The motor rotates, turning the hollow shaft which turns the propeller. This pushes water at a high velocity through and near the propeller blades, creating a partial vacuum at the end of the shaft. Atmospheric air above the waterline is drawn In through the air Intake port and into the hollow shaft. Turbulance and flow created by the propeller breaks up the air bubbles, Mixes the basin and disperses oxygen. The horizontal water movement Maximizes bubble hang time maximizing oxygon transfer.