Non - Clogging Sewage and Industrial Pumps


  • CV-series are designed for solid handling submersible pumps enclosed with vortes impeller with spherical clearance 35 mm and 56 mm are ideal for pumping sewage wastewater and fibrous solids
  • Motors are protected to IP68 and class F(155C) insulation standards, Over0current and over-temperature protector prevents the motor from overheating and abnormal running
  • Maintenance free C3 radial clearance deep groove ball bearing lubricated with special test High-quality lithlum soap base greses are suitable for high speed running and long life service
  • Double mechanical seals in a separate oil chamber can fully protect the motor from water infritation
  • A high efficiency hydraulic section and dynamically balanced impeller can reduce the level at noise and vibration
  • The rellablity-base design and the stingest quality assurance keep the low-cost installation and minimum maintenance costs


  • Drainage of septic tanks or cesspools residences, schools, and high rise buildings
  • Drainage of sewage of hospitals, public health centers renaurants, and kitchens
  • Pumping sewage from subways and mining pitts.
  • Muncipal Water supply stations, sewage studge, effiuents, and surface water, even containing a large or brous matter